Peter DuffyRegistered Massage Therapist

    Peter spent several years running his own Physical Therapy Clinic in Dublin, Ireland, having obtained his BSc in Physical Therapy & Applied Science in 2014. After almost two years living in Vancouver, Peter also holds numerous diplomas in Holistic Massage, Sports Massage, Exercise & Health Fitness and is currently practising as an RMT.

    For Peter, knowledge and awareness are key! To break free from chronic and recurring symptoms you must first break free from bad habits, whether it be related to posture, daily activities or lack thereof. We all possess the power to overcome any injury, any chronic symptom. With Peter’s experience, knowledge and tools he will help you to achieve just that!

    In each treatment, Peter incorporates soothing joint & muscular mobilization techniques which are not only fantastic for eliminating pain but also very effective in improving overall joint and soft tissue function. Let the healing begin!

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