Broadway Burrard Chiropractic would like to welcome Registered Massage Therapist -Hiroko Hasegawa.

Hiroko graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (formerly Utopia Academy) in 2011. It is very important to her that patients feel listened to and understood. It is through this communication with patients, she customizes her treatments for each condition and complaint with different types of massage techniques, Graston Technique, manual lymph drainage and stretching when needed. She enjoys educating and sharing her knowledge with patients to empower them to live healthier, more active lives.

She has treated various musculoskeletal conditions in her career as well as TMJ related dysfunctions, headaches, orthopedic problems, MVA related conditions and general stress reduction and basic wellness.

Born and raised in Japan and polished in Canada, Hiroko has lived in Jasper (high school), Calgary (university) and Vancouver and still speaks perfect Japanese, or so she would like to think. You will likely find her reading in coffee shops, biking around the seawall or forever-trying to train her small rescue dog, Owen.

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