Common Risks to Women’s Health

iStock_000063355621_Large_webFor both women and men, lifestyle plays an important role in reducing risks for certain health conditions and improving overall well-being. However, women in particular are at increased risk for certain diseases and should pay attention to minimizing these risk factors. Learn more about what diseases may impact you or women in your family, and how to help prevent them.

Three potential health risks related to women1:

  1. Heart Disease
    Heart disease accounts for more deaths in women than all forms of breast cancer and is one of the most prominent health issues for women.
  2. Cancer
    The three most common forms of cancer affecting women’s health are lung cancer (accounting for roughly 90% of deaths), breast cancer, and lastly, colorectal cancer.
  3. Stroke
    Stroke is one of the common causes of disability in women accounting for nearly two thirds of stroke-related deaths. Smoking and high blood pressure may also increase the risk of stroke in women.

Though not entirely preventable, certain steps can be taken to minimize the risks associated with the above conditions, starting with simple behavioural changes. Making such changes can be challenging at the beginning, but setting small and achievable goals can help you get there. Also, learning more about your health and how to understand it can help you ask yourself and other healthcare professionals about potential risks. Ultimately, taking control of your health starts with making small changes, consistently.

Here are some preventative measures you can incorporate into your daily life to help minimize your risks2,3:

It’s possible to take control of your health today. You can talk to your healthcare team about how to minimize your risks and enhance your overall well-being. If you are yet to introduce a chiropractor to your team, you can get in touch with a Dr. Hunsberger or Dr. Wright and they can provide information about how chiropractic can be integrated to help mitigate your health risks.


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