Fit in 15

Here at Broadway at Burrard Chiropractic we support our patients in the many steps they take towards developing an active lifestyle. Dr. Tyler Hunsberger and Dr. Jerry Wright treat many athletes each day in our office, and maintain active lifestyles themselves. At Broadway at Burrard Chiropractic we see physical activity as a key component to a holistic and healthy lifestyle that can aid in the prevention of future pain, or in some situations, even enhance the recovery of our patients seeking Chiropractic care.

In light of this, Dr. Jerry Wright and Dr. Tyler Hunsberger are excited to support the Canadian Chiropractic Associations Fit-in 15 program. Developed by Canada’s Doctors of Chiropractic, experts in muscle and joint function, and champions of healthy living, the Fit in 15 program recognizes that it can be hard to find time in a busy day to focus on physical activity. That’s why Fit-in 15 was developed as an easy and manageable active lifestyle plan to kick start start the habit.

Canada’s chiropractors are committed to helping Canadians be more physically active, and Dr. Hunsberger and Dr. Wright are no exception. Your Vancouver Chiropractors are here to evaluate your strength and flexibility, and screen for anything that may limit your physical activities as you move forwards in your pursuit of an active lifestyle. Check out more about how the Fit in 15 movement may be just what the Dr. ordered to get you moving this spring, and ask your Vancouver Chiropractors Dr. Jerry Wright or Dr. Tyler Hunsberger for a Chiropractic evaluation today by booking at


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