Meet Steph Corker

Dr. Hunsberger is proud to be supporting Steph Corker in pursing all her athletic goals! To learn more about Steph and all her pursuits check out her website. Incredible!

See her kind words below;

As a kid growing up swimming, i recall going to see the chiro often – be it for a shoulder pain, screaming arches in my feet or nasty growing pains. She was my favorite doctor and told me that any pain my body feels, my body can heal. I was young when I heard that for the first time and I absolutely believe it to be true. That being said, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to my body being sore. It’s just a tweak here or there – a sore shoulder, a tight hip flexor, a pulled legiment in my ankle, ropey hamstrings…ya know, the norm. These tweaks of discomfort and pain have become my norm.

Until today! I met a remarkable man – Dr. Tyler Hunsberger. And realized that my norm doesn’t need to involve these small tweaks. He informed me that I’m not broken, I just have an opportunity to be even more finely tuned!

I wanted to share this because for the 9 (whaaat?!) years that I have been in Vancouver, I’ve looked for a chiro that I could call Doc, like my chiro from childhood. There are many different approaches, philosophies, business hours, etc that these sweet doctors work and I think I’ve found my match. (No pun intended – Tyler is a phenomenal tennis player and has been working with heaps of remarkable athletes.) Seeing him today made my day. Perhaps seeing him will make your day as well!

check ‘em out:

(psssst…this is another addition to Team Fletcher+Corker. We’ve got a rad duo going and I’m redonkulously grateful. Everyone needs a chiro on their team; you’d be lucky if you have a Fletchy on your team:))











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