Opiates Are No solution To Back Pain

Over the last year, the general public has been inundated with a steady stream of reports about the dangers of opiates. The harm in terms of ruined lives and death from illicit drugs such as heroin is not news. But what is new, and concerning, are the risks of prescription pain medicines — those doctors prescribe for pain due to a range of causes, including musculoskeletal problems like low back pain.

Check out this interesting article discussing use of opiates for chronic pain and some of the dangers associated with heavy use. http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/opiates-no-solution-back-pain-201606209821

As the article states, “Fortunately, there is growing evidence for treatments that can help with chronic low-back pain, but they aren’t simple fixes in the form of pills, shots or surgery. Instead, treatments should focus on getting back pain sufferers active again and learning to manage the pain”.

Chiropractic care does just that!

For more information of how Chiropractic can help you manage your back pain on a holistic level, book in today with Dr. Tyler Hunsberger and Dr. Jerry Wright today. Let our team help get you back on track at https://broadwayburrardchiro.janeapp.com/

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