Six Back Saving Tips For New Parents



Maybe there’s something in this spring air, but we’ve all had babies on the brain around the office these past few weeks as our own Dr. Hunsberger has been awaiting the arrival of he and his wife’s new bundle of joy!

We will be making an official announcement on that new a little later, but for now we thought it appropriate to share this weeks blog from the Canadian Chiropractic Association with their six back saving tips for new parents!

“Becoming a parent brings joy like no other, but it also brings a host of new challenges that test the most patient and nurturing among us. It’s no secret that childbirth and the general sleep deprivation that typically accompanies caring for a baby have a profound impact on the body. In fact, musculoskeletal (MSK) complaints like back, neck and shoulder injuries are common among new parents, in part due to extra physical demands on the body”

If you’re currently pregnant and experiencing back pain, consider chiropractic care to help manage symptoms and improve function so that you are ready for your new arrival. Once you bring your baby home, consider the following tips, as well as talking to your chiropractor to ensure that you stay healthy, mobile and pain free.

Check out the tips by following the link below! And be sure to book your appointment with Dr. Jerry Wright and Dr. Tyler Hunsberger today at

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