Sun Run Tips- Running Shoes


     Chiropractors can help you prevent running-related problems by assessing your gait, as well as the mobility of the joints in your feet, legs, pelvis and spine. Should you suffer stress and strain from running, a chiropractor can also provide treatment for your pain.

Shoe Shopping Tips

-Shop in the afternoon or evening, as your feet tend to accumulate fluid and swell throughout the day.

-Not all shoes are created equally. The same shoe sizes can have different fits depending on the maker. Make sure you try several sizes to find the most comfortable shoe.

-Avoid buying shoes that you feel need a break-in period.  Shoes  should be comfortable from the first time you put them on.

-Running shoes are an investment in your health. Better quality shoes may cost more but will pay off in terms of support and sturdiness.

-Most importantly, your running shoes must be comfortable- go for a short jog inside the store to test them out!

-And lastly, to prevent injury, don’t forget to replace your runners every 400 to 60 miles or 6 month, whichever comes first.

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