Keeping Athletes In The Game!

“The musculoskeletal (MSK) system is made of an intricate network of muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments that help us perform the activities of daily life”. Here at Broadway at Burrard Chiropractic we have many athletes walk through our doors, and we take pride in the work we do to help get them in shape for their competitions and races. Although we work hard with our athletes to keep them in top form to prevent future injuries, they will still sometimes occur, and  specifically for our “elite athletes whose training schedule is often very rigorous, injury may have a profound impact on their ability to train, and ultimately perform, during competition”.

Whether your training for your next triathlon or just working towards your own smaller health care goals, here are some tips from our friends from the Canadian Chiropractic Association to help prevent injury while being active!


Even though the weather might be hot outside, your body benefits from a light warm-up before starting any physical activity. Preparing your Muscular Skeletal System system properly can help prevent injury or recurrence of previous injury. Your warm-up routine may include deep breathing, gentle stretching, activity specific movement preparation, range of movement exercises and light cardiovascular activity such as a brisk walk or easy jog.

Proper Technique

In sports, practising proper technique will not only improve your skill, it may help you prevent injury. Not paying attention to your technique and form can create bad habits that can be difficult to correct and place additional strain on your body. You also want to ensure that you have the proper equipment to support and protect you as you engage in your physical activities. Your chiropractor can help you determine your specific needs and provide you with recommendations.


Slow and steady

Consistency is key! Doing too much, too fast, and too soon, can increase your risk of injury. Ensuring you train progressively can help build a foundation that allows you to do the activities you love pain-free and for a long time. Listen to your body; you may need to take breaks during your activities to ease the physical strain on your body. As you take breaks it is recommended to stay substantially hydrated. Drinking lots of water is a great source of energy for your body and it will allow you to maintain endurance when physically active. Also, adequate rest helps your body restore, replenish and repair tissues that may have become damaged during training or play. Keeping your back healthy should be part of your health-minded lifestyle. Follow CCA’s tips for a healthy back to avoid risk of injury.


Get help

For any athlete, prevention is imperative to great performance and sustaining longevity in their sport of choice. Having a chiropractor as part of your healthcare team can help enhance your mobility, address joint dysfunctions and share some recommended exercises to help you correct some postural or muscular imbalances.

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As always, part of this help can come from your Vancouver Chiropractors! Talk to Dr. Jerry Wright and Dr. Tyler Hunsberger today to see how their expertise can help you live a better lifestyle and feel your best while training for your favourite activity.

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