7 Camping Tips That Will Save Your Back

Okay… so it hasn’t quite been the blazing hot summer we have been hoping for yet here in Vancouver. But hey, a little rain never stopped us before right?

No matter if the sun is shining, or were moving in the rain, Vancouverites LOVE to be outside and love to camp! Camping, in fact, is one of the summer activities many of us look forwards to most. However, preparing for camping is just as important as enjoying it.

We here at Broadway at Burrard Chiropractic, along with our friends at the Canadian Chiropractic Association, “want to help out all our campers this summer with some useful tips to follow before you load up the tent and strap your canoe on the roof of the car.

1. Test your gear to ensure it works. Before packing materials in your vehicle, test your equipment to ensure it works and do so safely.
Plan for activities.

2. Plan your activities in advance to ensure that you have the right equipment and are physically ready for the challenge.

3. Familiarize yourself with your upcoming campsite. Learning about the facility and what is available to you helps you prepare in advance for what to bring.

4. Make a list and check it twice. Preparation is key! Make a list of the items that you may need, but consider what is truly essential. Packing extra weight can put a strain on your body, so be discerning and keep things light. Like many other events in your life, camping can pose a number of risks to your MSK health. Preparing for the challenges ahead can also help prevent potential injuries”.

“If you plan on doing any activities during your camping trip such as hiking, biking, or running, it is a good idea to see your chiropractor {Dr. Jerry Wright or Dr. Tyler Hunsberger}, in advance for tips and advice on how to physically prepare yourself when outdoors”. Here are some additional tips to consider:

5. Support your back. From packing to pitching the tent or while on a hike, keep neutral curves in your spine while keeping your core engaged and active.

6. Mind the lift. Remember to bend from the hips and knees while using your legs to lift. Keep a neutral spine and use your entire body to turn. Pivot from your feet to move your body.

7. Pack light. Carry only what you need, and avoid excess. This can help prevent fatigue and strain from packing, hiking, or even canoeing. Being a minimalist can help prevent injuries.”

Are you adventuring a lot this summer?? We would love to hear about it! Tag us on your photos on facebook at @broadwayatburrardchiropractic! We would love to see what you are up to! And don’t forget to book your appointments with Dr. Tyler Hunsberger and Dr. Jerry Wright today at www.broadwayburrardchiro.com/contact


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