Our colleague Dr. Carla Cupido is co-running a workshop on November 5th for mommies who want to get fit and have fun doing it! Is this you??

What you will get…
2.5 hrs of awesome lessons, fitness + fun with two compassionate women who have degrees both in movement and motherhood

Online lessons, tools and exercises from The Realization Project will educate and empower you to create the change you so desire

Access to The Realization Project private Facebook Group – our supportive and growing community

Tea + treats at End of the Line at the end

On the big day….

Conversation At End of the Line:
We will be beginning a new conversation about what movement means in your life.

Learning + Playing:
You will practice using your play muscle.
You will be challenged to move in ways you haven’t in years and be coached on how to do this intelligently.
You will learn how to improve your strength in a balanced way to decrease overuse injuries.
You will be re-taught how to be an athlete again! (There’s an athlete inside all of us)!
You will learn lightness – how to feel light!
You will learn the value of getting on the ground with your kids – how to play with them in a way that strengthens your bonds and your bodies.

Playing + Sweating:

We are going to do a full loop of Rice Lake (3km) injected with all you just learned. This will be when you really get your sweat on and let your body move freely and with the strength and power you thought you left behind years ago.

Connecting as Mamas At End of the Line + Tea:
Connect to and be supported by this community of beautiful women.
Conversation about how to apply what you just learned to your real life.

If you or anyone you know think you could benefit from this check out and share this link for more information…

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